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Blog analyzing at its finest

The BlogIntelligence portal is the last step in a long history of research and scientific work on the upcoming topic and media phenomena of weblogs. For years, there have been high-effort research activities on how to index and examine the blogosphere. This project shows, by way of example, in which perspectives the entirety of weblogs can be analyzed and visualized in order to extract valuable aggregated information.

We do not solely analyze blogs as single instances, but factor in their interaction with other weblogs in that analysis as well, including their relations with social networks or common news portals. Even though we make no claims of being complete in our analysis and our informational services in general, we do believe that BlogIntelligence provides a novel perspective on the blogosphere phenomena and enables its users to extract valuable aggregated information to gain a significant information advantage.

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Blog Posts Search

Search for the latest posts

Different people have differing interests. Using our services means to have a decent overview about what is generally going on in the blogosphere. But you may encounter a situation in which you are looking for specific information in a specific weblog.

This issue is handled by our service "Personalized Search". You are able to filter and scan the content of each and every weblog of our data set. Fortunately, on-demand and real-time filtering enables you to define your information need fast and in detail.

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Cluster Search

Find related clusters in the blogosphere

Finding out what topics are "hot" at the moment is a valuable information to have. But what about older discussion? What about the "hot topics" of yesterday or the week before?

We believe that it might be of particular interest and furthermore a meaningful suplement to our service "Whats up" to see how specific topics haven been discussed in the blogosphere over a predefined period of time.

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Information Spreading

Track conversations through the blogosphere

You have recently discovered an intensive discussion or interesting topic in the blogosphere and you are wondering at what point in time the whole discussion started? Or you might want to know in which particular blog that story was mentioned first before it has been spread throughout the blogosphere?

Analyzing our whole dataset enables us to provide these insights. Tracking this “spread of information” gives you a new and interesting perspective on the blogosphere. Will be online shortly!

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See which blogs are currently on top

BI-Impact – our own weblog ranking algorithm - is a novel attempt to define and calculate the importance of single weblogs within the entire blogosphere. The metric is based upon a unique set of different properties with pre-assigned weights to make weblogs comparable with each other in the most meaningful way possible.

The corresponding algorithm is the result of a long-term research about existing ranking metrics in the blogosphere. The ranking of the TOP 100 weblogs calculated on the basis of the BI-Impact score can be explored here.

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What's Up

Find the "hot" topics in the blogosphere

"What's Up?" offers information about anything that is currently of highest interest in the blogosphere. This information, also known as "hot topics" or "buzz", can be about anything – given that it is up to date.

We constantly run evaluation algorithms to identify these topics and discussions in all blogs that are listed in our TOP 100 ranking table. Providing such information means to have significant information advantage regarding the blogosphere for our users.

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New Concepts

Explore our current research

Our research never stops and the BlogIntelligence portal is under continues developement. Beside the stable functionalities shown here, we currently working on various new algorythms and visualization to create more tools for understanding the social web.

We are trying to uncover new possibilities. These include the detection of trends, communities, emotions, and experts. Further, we investigate various visualization techniques to better communicate the findings of our algorithms with the user. Catch a glimpse of our most recent work now.

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